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Grow WebFOCUS ROI By 25% With This 40 Minute Webinar

Is poor product adoption killing your Analytics investment? Humanize your Ugly Dashboards and propagate analytics as a habit! Learn quick tips from 4 Experts, to build attractive and user-friendly dashboards!

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Learn from the Experts!

Most organizations struggle to get their users to consume information, insights, dashboards, or analytics, and fail to drive measurable ROI from their BI investments (read hefty investments). While we all desperately desire the sabermetrics feel of the Moneyball kind, reality hits hard when there are no Jonah Hills in our picture.

Where is the gap? The biggest gap is poor product adoption.


What is UGLY?

Ugly dashboards drive users away - poor usability & poor product adoption. Learn to enhance the usability of your dashboard by humanizing.


Design Matters!

Fixing an Ugly Dashboard is not rocket science! Some simple principles of aesthetics and usability can go a long way.


Wireframe it!

User Experience is the spine of every product ever - the reason we have squeezy ketchup bottles! How does that apply to dashboards?


Human-friendly Dashboards

Aesthetics without usability is beauty without brains. Flatten the learning curve by creating human-friendly interfaces!


WebFOCUS Walkthrough

An exclusive demo by Andy Kirby. Learn the unexploited capabilities of WebFOCUS in creating customer facing analytics applications!


USD 100 for the best dashboard!

Submit your WebFOCUS dashboards - we'll give you 5 review pointers to instantly humanize. The best that we can't improve, gets $100.

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Earn a cash prize

of $100

We're up for a challenge! Are you? Give us your best looking WebFOCUS Dashboard that our experts cannot improve further, and we give you $100!

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We're giving away a free whitepaper for you to take away. No strings attached. At Amtex, we ensure our clients' analytical applications are intuitive and drive ROI. Written by our in-house experts, we have detailed our process in here. It's all yours.

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