May 24th @ 11am EST


Join us:Debunk or Rebunk?


4 Seasoned SME’s
Ready to Rumble?

Hyperconverged Analytics: Worth the Hype?

Discover the truth behind the term and the muscle behind the magic

  • What is Hyperconverged Analytics?
  • 4th gen analytics? No code? Is this for real?
  • Is it just another trending buzzword or does it have real business impacts?
  • What are the benefits of Hyperconverged analytics?
  • What does the implementation look like?
  • Who needs it and why?
  • What value will it bring to your enterprise?
  • Watch a LIVE DEMO of Hyperconverged Analytics for Retail

Join us for a Live Webinar where we bring to you 4 expert speakers from TIBCO and Amtex BI. Bring your questions and get all the answers from our SMEs.

Meet The Speakers

Panel of 4 Experts SMEs


Hyperconverged Analytics: Worth the Hype?


@ 11am EST

Schedule : 1 hr
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