Found your Appily Ever After? Switch to 100% Salesforce Native Apps!

Tired of data sync issues with an expensive yet buggy Salesforce setup? Get rid of third-party apps and see the difference.

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Get fully customizable Native Apps for your Salesforce

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We Build Fully Customizable Native Salesforce Apps. Easy-to-configure, Real-time & Secure.

Off-the-shelf apps slowing you down? Close deals faster with native apps! Third-party apps depend on integrations that make repeated database calls resulting in a poor user experience – buggy, slow, data sync issues etc. Native apps unify your data from marketing to accounting, and create a seamless, fast, accurate, and secure user experience.

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Benefits of Native Apps

Click on the link if you would like to learn more about native apps, what they are, their benefits, and why they are imperative for a seamless user experience.
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Customer Success Story

Here’s how Native apps propelled our client’s ROI

Bridled with third-party apps, our client suffered the brunt of a slow & buggy experience with the constant need to refresh. Here’s what they are saying today!
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Catch us LIVE on 24th of March at 11 am EST

We’re going live on LinkedIn to talk about Native apps on Salesforce. Interact with us LIVE and talk to our experts for a chance to get a free 1-week Heroku Jumpstart!
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Rapid Deployment Model

Easy-to-configure, fully customizable & 100% Native apps built on Heroku

Native apps have the advantage of being tailored and scalable. They grow with your users’ needs and help speed up your sales processes which drives your revenue curve upwards. Don’t believe us? Take our free assessment and get a sneak peek into what your Salesforce world could look like with Native Apps. See how we could improve your bottom line!


Evaluate third-party apps your business currently uses and compare it to actual business needs and present assessment report.


Architect and build a scalable future-proof 100% native app to help you unlock speed and seamless UX.


Employ our smart Rapid Deployment Model to help minimize downtime. Engage in feature additions and maintenance.

Why Choose Amtex?

Amtex delivers thoughtfully crafted, versatile, user-focused solutions.

The rate of your user-adoption determines the success or failure of your Salesforce platform. Our RDM process ensures that user need and experience reigns as the central pillar of all architecting and development efforts. This ensures greater adoption and a higher ROI for your business. Take your Salesforce world into Zen mode and reap the benefits, with Amtex by your side.

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Watch our LinkedIn LIVE Podcast

LinkedIn LIVE | 24th March 2022 | 11 am EST

Get a chance to connect with Tim and Dinesh LIVE on LinkedIn! Watch our podcast where we talk about native apps built on Heroku.

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